Video Case: Project Management at Arnold Palmer Hospital

Video Case: Task Management at Arnold Palmer Hospital Essay Sample

1. Read the case that follows.

2 . not View the video tour of Arnold Palmer Hospital that addresses this particular issue. 3. If you would like possess further background, reread typically the material in this section of the text. 4. Solution the questions about typically the case, and when your trainer wishes, email them to be able to him or her. The equivalent of a fresh kindergarten class is born each day at Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital. With more than 10, 500 births within 2004 in a clinic that was designed inside 1989 for any capacity of 6, 500 births a new year, the newborn extensive care unit was stretched to the limit. Moreover, with continuing strong populace growth in central Florida, the hospital was often full. It was clear that new amenities were needed. After very much analysis, forecasting, and conversation, the management team decided to build a new 273-bed building across the street from the existing medical center. But the facility had to be integrated agreement with the hospital’s Leading Principles and its individuality like a health center committed to the specialized needs of women and babies.

Those Guiding Principles are: Family-centered atmosphere, a healing environment exactly where privacy and dignity are usually respected, sanctuary of patient that includes warm, peaceful surroundings with natural lighting, sincere and dedicated personnel providing the highest top quality care, and patient centered flow and function. The Bassesse president of Business Growth, Karl Hodges, wanted the hospital that was developed from the inside out by the people that understood the Guiding Concepts, who knew most concerning the current system, in addition to who were going to use the new system, specifically, the doctors and healthcare professionals. Hodges and his employees spent 13 months talking about expansion needs with this particular group, as well as with sufferers and the community before developing a proposal for your new facility on December 17, 2001.

An administrative team developed 35 user groups, which held over 1, 500 planning meeting (lasting from 45 minutes to the whole day). They even created a “Supreme Court” to deal with contradictory views on the multifaceted issues facing the new medical center. Funding and regulatory issues added substantial complexity to be able to this major expansion, in addition to Hodges was very worried that the project keeps on time and within budget. Tom Hyatt, Director of Facility Development, was given the job of onsite manager from the $100 mil project, along with overseeing ongoing renovations, expansions, and other projects.

Discussion Questions

1. Develop the community for planning and building of the new medical center at Arnold Palmer. 2. What is the crucial path and how long is the project anticipated to take? 3. Exactly why is the construction of this particular 11-story building any even more complex than construction of an equivalent office constructing? 4. What percent regarding the whole project length was spent in organizing that occurred prior in order to the proposal and testimonials? Prior to the genuine building construction? Why?


Video Situation: Forecasting at Hard Rock and roll Cafe

1. Go through the case under.

2. View the video tour of Hard Rock and roll Cafe that addresses this matter. 3. If you wish to have further background, reread the material within this chapter of the textual content. 4. Answer the concerns about the case, and if your instructor wishes, e-mail them to him or her. With the growth of Hard Rock Cafe—from one club in London in 1971 to more than 110 eating places in more then 45 countries today—came a corporate-wide demand for better forecasting. Hard Rock uses long-range forecasting in setting a capacity plan and intermediate-term forecasting for locking within contracts for leather items (used in jackets) and for such food things as beef, chicken, and pork. Its short-term sales forecasts are conducted every month, by cafe, and after that aggregated for a hq view. The heart associated with the sales forecasting method is the point-of-sale program (POS), which, in effect, captures transaction data upon nearly every person who strolls through a cafe’s door. The sale of each entrée represents one client; the entrée sales info are transmitted daily to the Orlando corporate headquarters’ database.

Right now there, the financial team, headed by Todd Lindsey, starts the forecast process. Lindsey forecasts monthly guest counts, retail sales, banquet sales, and concert sales (if applicable) at each cafe. The particular general managers of person cafes tap into exactly the same database to prepare a new daily forecast for their particular sites. A cafe office manager pulls up prior years’ sales for that day time, adding information from typically the local Chamber of Trade or Tourist Board upon upcoming events such since a major convention, sporting event, or concert inside the city where the cafe is found. The daily forecast is further broken in to hourly sales, which drives worker scheduling. An hourly outlook of $5, 500 in sales translates into nineteen workstations, which are further damaged down into a specific number of wait staff, hosts, bartenders, and kitchen staff. Computerized scheduling application plugs in people based on their availability.

Variances between prediction and actual sales are usually then examined to determine why errors occurred. Hard Rock and roll doesn’t limit its use of forecasting tools in order to sales. To evaluate managers and place bonuses, a 3-year weighted moving average is usually placed on cafe sales. When cafe general managers exceed rear doors, a bonus is computed. Todd Lindsey, at corporate headquarters, applies dumbbells of 40% to the particular most recent year’s sales, 40% to the 12 months before, and 20% in order to sales 2 years ago in reaching his shifting average.

An even more sophisticated using statistics is found in Hard Rock’s menu planning. Using multiple regression, managers can compute the effect on demand of other menu items when the price of one item is usually changed. For example, when the associated with a burger increases from $6. 99 to $7. 99, Difficult Rock can predict typically the effect this will have on sales of poultry sandwiches, pork sandwiches, plus salads. Managers do typically the same analysis on menus placement, with the middle section driving higher product sales volumes. For the item these kinds of as a hamburger will be moved off the centre to one of the part flaps, the related effects upon related items, say people from france fries, is determined.

Discussion Questions

1. Describe three various forecasting applications at Hard Rock. Name three other locations in which you believe Hard Rock could employ forecasting models. 2 . not Just what is the role associated with the Point of sale software in forecasting at Hard Rock? 3. Justify the use of the weighting method used for evaluating supervisors for annual bonuses. four. Name several variables in addition to those mentioned in the case that could be used because good predictors of everyday sales in each cafe. 5. At Hard Rock’ s Moscow restaurant, typically the manager is trying to examine how a new advertising campaign affects guest counts. Making use of data for the earlier 10 months (see the table) create a least squares regression relationship and and then forecast the expected guests count when advertising will be $65, 000.


Video clip Case: Product Design in Regal Marine

one. Read the case research under.

2. View the video tour associated with Regal Marine and the product design, then view the video clip that contains the authors’ observations. 3. If you wish to have further background, reread the material on product design in Chapter 5. 4. Answer the questions regarding the case, plus if your instructor desires, e-mail your answers in order to him or her. Global firms like Regal Sea realize that the basis with regard to an organization’ s presence is the good or service it provides community. Great products are the keys to success. With hundreds of competitors inside the boat business, Regal Marine must work to be able to differentiate itself from the flock. As you go through in the Global Company Profile that opened this specific chapter of your textual content, Regal continuously introduces revolutionary, high-quality new boats. Their differentiation strategy is presently reflected inside a product range consisting of 22 versions. But why must Regal Marine constantly worry about designing new boats? Typically the answer is that all product has a life period. Products are born. They live and they perish. As Figure 5. 1 shows, a product’ t life cycle can be divided into four phases: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

Figure 5. 2 shows typically the four life cycle phases and the relationship regarding product sales, costs, and income on the life cycle associated with a product. When Royal is making a new model boat, it typically provides a negative cashflow. If the boat is prosperous, those losses may become recovered and yield a new profit prior to their decline. The life cycle for a successful Regal motorboat is three to five years.

In order to maintain this stream associated with innovative new products, Regal constantly seeks design input from customers, dealers, and consultants. Design ideas swiftly find themselves in Regal’ s styling studio, where Computer Helped Design (CAD) technology speeds the development process. A Regal design engineer can begin with a rough design or even just an ideand use typically the graphic display benefits of CAD as a drafting table to construct the angles from the new boat. Typically the CAD system helps the designer determine engineering info such as the strength, dimensions, or weight. It also allows the designer to be sure all parts will fit together. Existing vessel designs are always growing since the company tries to be able to stay stylish and competing. Moreover, with life series so short, a constant stream of new products is required. A couple of years ago, the new product was the 3-passenger $11, 000 Rush, a little, but powerful boat in a position of pulling a water-skier.

The next year, it was a 20-foot inboard-outboard performance vessel with so many improvements that it won prize after prize in the market. Then it was a re-designed 42-foot Commodore that naps six in luxury staterooms. Using these models and innovations, Regal designers in addition to production personnel are below pressure as a solution quickly. By getting key suppliers on board early and recommending them to participate at the design stage, Regal improves both innovations and high quality while speeding product advancement. Regal finds that the sooner it brings vendors on board, the more quickly it can bring brand new boats to the marketplace. The initial stage in real production is the development of the “ put, ” a foam-based making used to make the particular molds for fiberglass hulls and decks. Specifications from the CAD system generate the carving process. As soon as the plug is created, the permanent molds for each new hull plus deck design are created. Molds take about 4-8 weeks to make plus are all handmade. Comparable molds are manufactured for numerous of the other characteristics in Regal boats–from galley and stateroom components in order to lavatories and steps. Done molds can be became a member of and used to make thousands of boats.

Discussion Questions

one. How does the concept of support life cycle use to Regal Marine products?

Regal Marine knows that the basis for its existence is the particular excellent boats it provides to society. Help to make their own products stay and possess solid place in typically the market over time, Royal marine constantly needs to be able to take different innovative or perhaps economic steps to perform so. This could suggest adding new features in order to the boats or for example producing in a larger volume to reduce the expenses of each boat.

In emphasis, merchandise life cycles are becoming shorter and the level of technological change is usually increasing. The concept regarding product life pertains to Regal Marine because Regal is constantly under pressure to introduce new products : and those products have got life cycles of relatively few years. As the particular video suggests, it is usually a matter of usually less than five many years before a boat is out of style as well as its life cycle terminated. To keep this stream of advancement and with so many boats at varying stages of their life cycles, Royal constantly seeks design suggestions from customers, dealers, plus consultants.

Without a doubt, when Regal is developing a new model motorboat, it typically has a negative cash flow. If the boat is successful, all those losses may be reclaimed and yield a revenue ahead of its decline. The life cycle for a new successful Regal boat is usually three to five yrs.

To conclude, most products have a limited and even predictable life cycle, companies must constantly be looking for new products to style, develop, and decide to try industry. Good operations managers insist on strong communication among customers, product processes, plus suppliers that results within a high success rate for their new goods. 2 . not What strategy really does Regal use to keep competitive?

Regal Marine runs on the strategy of product differentiation and development, which constantly introduces fresh products with new improvements and new styling to be able to stay competitive in the particular luxury performance boat market.

Developing brand new products faster can result in a competitive benefit. A Regal boat gets its reputation for motivating performance based on the particular design of its hull — the core over which everything else is usually built.

Royal continuously introduces innovative, high-quality new boats. Its differentiation strategy is currently reflected inside a product line consisting of 22 models. 3. What type of engineering savings is Regal achieving by using CAD technology rather than traditional drafting techniques? The advanced CAD system not just offers reduced product development period but also has lowered issues with tooling and manufacturing, making superior product. By simply using graphic models an individual reduce the cost and effort otherwise needed to be able to show customers or designers the brand new ideas and a person can easily change plus adapt to whatever requirements comes up. This kind of system could also aid in choosing the correct components and forecast just what you need to get the cool product in production.

The cost and time saving making use of CAD is typical. Tests are economical. Engineering labour is cut down with a ratio of 4: 1. Most of all, it allows them in order to be creative economically and rapidly. 4. What are the likely benefits of the CAD design technology? The particular payoff from CAD is not only evident inside efficiency, creative designs, and styling but by production in the code necessary regarding the numerical machines, these kinds of as the machines accustomed to make the plugs in Washington state and with regard to those applications of the numerical control machines at Regal Marine. CAD also provides, as a by-product, extremely effective and comprehensive documents of design variables.

In sum, some great benefits of the CAD design technologies are as follows:

• Reduced product advancement time

• Reduced problems with tooling

• Reduced problems in production

• Simpler development of new suggestions.

• Determine whether or not these ideas can be realized or not.

• Easy change of the design

• Price calculations

• Shorter design time

• Product quality

• Production cost cutbacks

• Database availability


Video Case: Top quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

1. See the case study that comes after.

2 . View the particular video tour in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company as well as its strategy decisions, then view the movie clip containing the authors’ observations. 3. If a person wish to have further background, reread the material about quality in Chapter 6. 4. Answer the concerns about the case, of course, if your instructor wishes, email-based your answers to her or him. Ritz-Carlton. The name alone evokes images of high-class and quality. As typically the first hotel company in order to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the particular Ritz treats quality since if it is the heartbeat of the organization. This means an everyday dedication to meeting customer anticipation and making sure that will each hotel is totally free of any deficiency. In the hotel industry, quality can be hard to be able to quantify.

Guests do not purchase an item when they stay at the Ritz: They purchase an experience. Thus, creating the right combination associated with elements to make the particular experience stand out is usually the challenge and objective of every employee, coming from maintenance to management. Just before applying for the Baldrige Award, company management initiated a rigorous self-examination regarding its operations in a great attempt to measure and quantify quality. Nineteen techniques were studied, including room-service delivery, guest reservation plus registration, message delivery, in addition to breakfast service. This period of self-study included record measurement of process function flows and cycle times for areas ranging through room service delivery times and reservations to valet parking and housekeeping performance. The results were utilized to develop performance benchmarks towards which future activity could possibly be measured. With specific, quantifiable targets in place, Ritz-Carlton managers and employees now give attention to continuous improvement.

The goal will be 100% customer satisfaction: If a guest’ s encounter does not meet expectations, the Ritz-Carlton risks dropping that guest to opposition. One way the organization has put more that means behind its quality initiatives is to organize their employees into “ self-directed” work teams. Employee clubs determine work scheduling, what work needs to be done, and what to do about quality problems in their own places. In order that they can see the relationship of the specific area in order to the overall goals, workers are also given typically the opportunity to take extra trained in hotel operations. Ritz-Carlton believes that a more educated and informed worker is in a better placement to make decisions within the best interest from the organization. Discussion Questions

1. In just what ways could the Ritz-Carlton monitor its success in reaching quality? 2 . Many firms say that their aim is to provide top quality products of services. Just what actions might you anticipate from a company that will intends quality to get a lot more than a slogan or buzzword? 3. Why may it cost the Ritz-Carlton less to “ perform things right” the first time? 4. How could control charts, pareto blueprints, and cause-and-effect diagrams become used to distinguish quality issues at a hotel? a few. What are some non-financial measures of customer satisfaction that might be used by the Ritz-Carlton?


Video Case: Process Technique at Wheeled Coach Mat

1 . Read the particular case study that comes after.

2. View the video tour of Wheeled Coach Ambulance and their process decisions, then view the video clip that contain the authors’ observations. 3. If you would like have further backdrop, reread the material on process strategy in Part 7. 4. Answer the particular questions about the case, plus if your instructor wishes, e-mail your answers in order to him or her. Section 7 turns to assisting managers find the greatest way to produce their particular goods. A process strategy is how a business, like ambulance manufacturer Wheeled Coach, the world’ t largest, transforms its resources into finished products. The 350 employees at Wheeled Coach make only listing ambulances.

Virtually every vehicle is unique. Wheeled Coach accommodates this development by providing a broad variety of options and an engineering staff acquainted to innovation and custom made design. Wheeled Coach’ h growth, now requiring that more than 20 ambulances roll off the assembly range each week, makes method design a continuing challenge. Wheeled Coach’ s reply has been to develop a focused factory: Wheeled Coach builds nothing but ambulances. Within the centered factory, Wheeled Coach established work cells for every major module feeding a flow line, including aluminum bodies, electrical wiring harnesses, inside cabinets, windows, painting, plus upholstery.

Labor standards drive the plan so that every job cell feeds mount collection on schedule, just-in-time with regard to installations. The chassis, typically that of a Ford truck, moves to a new station where the aluminum entire body is mounted. Then an automobile is moved to painting. Following a custom color job, it moves to the assembly line, exactly where it will spend 7 days. During each of these seven workdays, each job cell delivers its particular module towards the appropriate place on the flow line. Throughout the first day, electrical wiring is installed; on the second day, the unit moves forward to typically the station from which cabinetry is delivered and installed, after that to a window in addition to lighting station, on to upholstery, to fit and finish, to increase customizing and finally to inspection and street testing. Discussion Questions

1 . Why perform you think major car manufacturers do not develop ambulances? 2. What is usually an alternative process method to the assembly line that Wheeled Coach currently makes use of? 3. Why is this more efficient for the work cells to prepare “ modules” and provide them to mount range than it would become to produce the component (e. g., interior upholstery) about the line? 4. Exactly how does Wheeled Coach determine what tasks are to become performed at each workstation?


Video Case: Where to Place Difficult Rock’ s Next Restaurant

1. Read the situation study that follows.

2 . View the movie tour of Hard Stone Cafe that addresses this specific issue. 3. If you wish to have got further background, reread the material in this part in the text. 4. Solution the questions about typically the case, and when your teacher wishes, e-mail your solutions to him or her. Some people would say that Oliver Munday, Hard Rock’s vice president for cafe development, has the best job in the world. Travel the globe to pick a region for Hard Rock’s subsequent cafe, select a town, and find the best web site. It’s true that selecting a site involves lots of incognito walking around, visiting nice restaurants, and ingesting in bars.

But that is not necessarily where Mr. Munday’s function begins, nor where this ends. At the front side end, selecting the region and city first requires a great deal of research. On the back end, Munday not only picks typically the final site and negotiates the deal, but then works with architects in addition to planners and stays together with the project through the opening and first year’s sales. Munday is at present looking heavily into international expansion in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. “ We’ve have to look from political risk, currency, in addition to social norms—how does our brand fit into the nation, ” he says. When the country is selected, Munday concentrates on the region and city. His analysis checklist is extensive. Difficult Rock’s Standard Market Statement (for off-shore sites)

1. Read the situation that follows.

second . View the video visit of Arnold Palmer Hospital that addresses this problem. 3. If you would like have further background, reread the material in this chapter from the text. 4. Answer the questions about the circumstance, and when your instructor desires, email them to him or her or her. Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital, founded inside 1989, specializes in remedy of women and children plus is renowned for its highquality rankings (top 10% of 2000 benchmarked hospitals), its labor and delivery volume level (more than 10, 000 births per year, in addition to growing), and its neonatal intensive care unit (5th highest survival rates in the nation). But high quality medical practices and high patient satisfaction require costly inventory—some $30 million per year and 1000s of SKUs. * With pressure about medical care to handle and reduce costs, Arnold Palmer Hospital has turned toward controlling its inventory along with just-in-time (JIT) techniques.

Within the hospital, for example, drugs usually are now distributed at breastfeeding workstations via dispensing devices (almost like vending machines) that electronically track individual usage and post the particular related charge to every patient. The dispensing channels are refilled each evening, based on patient need and prescriptions written by doctors. To address JIT problems externally, Arnold Palmer Hospital turned toward a major distribution partner, McKesson Basic Medical, which as a first-tier supplier provides typically the hospital with about 1 quarter of all the medical/surgical inventory. McKesson products sponges, basins, towels, mayo stand covers, syringes, in addition to hundreds of other medical/surgical items. To ensure matched daily delivery of inventory purchased from McKesson, an account executive and 2 service personnel are actually designated full-time to the hospital. The result has been a new drop in Central Source average daily inventory from $400, 000 to $114, 000 since JIT. JIT success has also been achieved in the area of custom surgical packs.

Custom surgical packs are usually the sterile coverings, throw-away plastic trays, gauze, in addition to the like, specialized to each type of surgical treatment. Arnold Palmer Hospital utilizes 10 different custom packs for various surgical procedures. “Over 50, 000 packs are used each 12 months for a total cost regarding about $1. 5 , 000, 000, ” says George DeLong, Head of Supply String Management. The packs are not only delivered inside a JIT manner but packed that way as nicely. That is, they are packed in the reverse buy they are used therefore each item comes out of the pack in the sequence it is needed. The packs are bulky, expensive, and need to remain sterile. Reducing typically the inventory and handling whilst maintaining an assured clean and sterile supply for scheduled surgeries presents difficult to clinics. Here is how the provision chain works: Custom packs are assembled by a packing company with components supplied primarily from manufacturers selected by the hospital, and delivered by McKesson from its local warehouse.

Arnold Palmer Hospital works with its own surgical staff to determine and standardize the custom made packs to reduce the number of custom package SKUs. With this integrated system, pack safety stock inventory has been slice to one day. Typically the procedure to drive typically the custom surgical pack JIT system begins with a “pull” from your doctor’s everyday surgical schedule. Then, Arnold Palmer Hospital initiates a good electronic order to McKesson between 1: 00 plus 2: 00 P. Mirielle. daily. At 4: 00 A. M. the next morning McKesson delivers typically the packs. Hospital personnel turn up at 7: 00 The. M. and stock the shelves for scheduled surgeries. McKesson then reorders coming from the packing company, which in turn “pulls” necessary inventory for the quantity of packs needed through the manufacturers. Arnold Palmer Hospital’s JIT system reduces inventory investment, expensive standard ordering, and bulky storage space, and supports quality having a sterile delivery.

Discussion Questions

1 . What do you recommend be performed when an mistake is found in a pack as it will be opened for an operation? a couple of. How might the procedure for custom surgical packs explained here be improved? three or more. When discussing JIT in services, the text chapter notes that suppliers, design, inventory, and scheduling usually are all used. Provide an example of all these at Arnold Palmer Hospital. 4. Any time a doctor proposes the new surgical procedure, just how do you recommend the particular SKU for a fresh custom pack be applied for the hospital’s supply-chain method?