We regulations strictly to all employees without

We can support our company to achieve its goal by 3 ways:

1- By solving problems and better avoid these problems before they occur, for example, sit with employees and hear their problems and suggestions and take them seriously and try to apply suggestions if possible, and visit the workshops to see closely on how the mechanism of work, and what points can be improved to improve Work productivity. In addition, we can solve the problems by creating a suggestions and complaints box so that the employee can express his opinion with transparency,These are some of the solutions that can be applied to avoid problems that can reach the courts, which of course will cost the company huge sums that can be used in the development of the company.

2-The application of the regulations strictly to all employees without any exception helps the company to impose its credibility and the employees feel that they are equal and no difference between a citizen and a foreigner and not male or female, which facilitates the work of the company and contributes to bringing the best staff .

3- Preparation of the Omanization Plan annually helps the Corporation in developing the strategic plan of the company and shows the actual budget for the employment of Omanis. The preparation of Omanization plan is one of the priorities of the human resources functions in any company in the Sultanate of Oman. The preparation of this plan in cooperation with the Ministry of Manpower in accordance with the laws followed to prepare the Omanization plan.