Why Study Art History Admission/Application Essay

The paper “Why Study Art History” is an outstanding example of an application/admission essay on history. Art history has been my childhood of interest. I was, as a child, interested in artworks and frequently visited museums and exhibitions to fulfill my desire. Financial constraint, however, hindered my interest to study the subject at the college level and I was forced to study a ‘self-employment’ oriented course. I am, however, currently financially stable, and would like to fulfill my passion of studying art history, a dream that has never eluded my mind regardless of the challenges. Even though my childhood adoration of artwork forms the fundamental desire to pursue the course, the drive has been reinforced by my developed insight into the subject. Based on personal research through books and internet sources, I have understood the benefits of studying arts as not a mere adoration of beauty but an avenue to understanding history. I, therefore, intend to use the course to understand the historical basis of global cultures and politics, factors that artwork communicates. Besides art history, I would like to study psychology as my minor subject. The subject has also captured my interest since I applied it in my first job and its continued application in my business. I would also like to complement art history with psychology for a better understanding of historical behavior. Similarly, I intend to apply the gained knowledge of cultural behavior trend for my business’ market analysis. My personal interest in the subject, as a hobby, will be my motivation in pursuing the course. I would also wish to express my total commitment to the course and my plan that has set aside the required financial and time resources for successful completion of the course. I look forward to being part of your intuition. 

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