Worker Compensation And Advantages. Senior Secretary In Capital Nursing House Limited (CNH)


Employee compensation and benefits characterize an investment from which an organization derives value. In this regard, it is imperative for the company to manage this investment in line with the overall organizational strategy as opposed to writing it off as an expense.

In view of hiring the new senior Secretary for Capital Nursing Home Limited, it is important to design and implement a compensation and benefits plan that will not only attract competent candidates, but also make sure that typically the organization receives typically the greatest service out of your worker attributed to be able to inspiration (Kouzes as well as Posner, 2012).


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This will of which this company retains skilled and certified employees thus lowering the pace regarding worker turnover (Massey and Gary, 1992).

Senior Admin Complete Compensation

The subsequent may end up being the proposed custom-made compensation policy for typically the Senior Secretary from Capital Nursing Residence Limited (CNH). Typically the proposal indicates typically the contributions CNH may make towards the particular Total Compensation bundle.

The suggestion demonstrates that the particular associated with the particular employee’s benefits augmented combined with the annual earnings and provides the whole compensation. This will certainly be to illustrate in order in order to the employee exactly exactly how much his/her assistance is valued within CNH.

Senior Secretary Job Description

The Senior Administrative will have the particular particular responsibility with regard to that common guidance specifically within helping all jobs related to organized operations from the particular physician exercise. The particular secretary’s duties will definitely include receiving cellular phone calls within the pleasing plus open manner in addition to immediate the telephone calls superbly (U. T. The same Job Opportunity Commission level, 2013).


The position regarding Capital Nursing Residence Senior Secretary requires standard secretarial commitments. Additionally, it requires the creation related with rapport a single of the corporation departments for business efficiency, handling related with petty funds plus other minimal responsibilities. The actual job seekers SHALL fulfill the certain qualifications outlined under to be considered to be eligible.


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The position needs a couple of (2) years associated with secretarial learning a new recognized institution or perhaps completion of secretarial training or equivalent business knowledge, talent and familiarity. Typically the candidate MUST have got no less than three yrs of experience inside related field. A new Bachelor degree inside relevant fields is usually desirable. The prospect must be personal computer literate with a great International Computer Generating License and possess the ability to type 55-65 words per second.

Domestic Settlement and Benefits


The successful prospect for your position regarding Senior Secretary should obtain a competitive package deal that features compensation in addition to benefits. The first annual base pay out is $40, 1000. Other cash rewards (Annual bonus) may total to $1, 200 even though the business paid benefits will certainly sum to $18, 940. The entire payment for the brand new senior secretary will be $60, 140 yearly. The breakdown for that remuneration is because indicated below.


The complete annual benefits with regard to a senior secretary as paid simply by the company amount to $20, a hundred and fifty. These include $18, 940 Company-Paid Benefits and $1, two hundred Annual Money Added bonus.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance is vital since it includes the worker against most place of work problems (Guo and Burton, 2010).

Retirement Benefits

The business shall lead toward the older secretary’s retirement advantages.

Time Away benefits

The organization should pay the particular admin $3, 538 since personal a new vacation rewards.

Mandated Benefits

The company should satisfy its legitimate specifications according to end up being able to typically the Federal Regulation by simply paying of typically the next towards typically the secretary’s benefits (All sums in dollars). Government Unemployment is usually $56; State Lack of employment is usually $184, and Worker’s settlement 1, 512. All of these sum to $1, 745.


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Special Benefits

It is usually very important about the candidates to help to make note of that this organization exclusively adds toward this. In fact, this is in order to ensure that the particular senior secretary works his/her duties easily for self plus company performance, development and growth. These benefits motivate employees to function harder, commit in order to duties and become faithful to the institution (International Society for Performance Improvement, 2013)

Total Compensation Package

CNH as a competitive employer offers its employees competitive packages to ensure it retains the most competitive workforce in the healthcare industry. The complete compensation package with regard to the position associated with Senior Admin consists of the bottom spend ($40, 000) in addition the company-paid benefits and cash ($20, 140).

This amounts to usually the total yearly settlement of $60, 150. The company-paid rewards represent sixty-eight per cent associated with the mature secretary’s total rewards. The particular company-paid rewards plus the total yearly cash bonus are a symbol of extra 50 % of the secretary’s base pay.

Additional Company Perks

Basically, perks along with the company at first contain coffee solutions, business picnics, group binding and yearly getaway retreats (Krueger, 1990). Additional benefits should be given upon typically the evaluation of the secretary performance and negotiations with the human resource manager.

Benefit Perspectives

In order for the company to retain its competitive edge, it is critical to be innovative consideringg the advantages (Schneider, 2008). This is imperative to present employees with enhanced access and value of the benefits. The particular company should make sure that it enables the secretary to get into the advantages instantly they might be employed (SHRM, 2013).

Indirect non-financial compensation

The culture associated with CNH will likely be added in order in order to from the work constructions including typically the particular compensation rewards technique. It truly will be imperative to become able to make sure that this software program aligns with usually the company tactical targets (Stewart and Dark brown, 2012).

Recent study indicates of which usually the contemporary changing and increasingly intense healthcare industry’s ingenuity and flexibility attracts and maintains highly trained and competent staff including expatriate (Burns-Green, 2013).


Contemporarily, it is usually a prerequisite regarding companies to prize employees achievable concepts, superior performance plus creativity to allow them to become innovative in a way that will certainly help the organization achieve its organizational strategic goals. This particular will be attained by adding within create a repayment and benefits method that reflects typically the particular changing economical occasions and typically the requirement of companies to be able to interest and keep extremely skilled staff.


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In so that it will maintain employees for your long period considering that against enrolling fresh workforce often, typically the company must offer you annual additional additional bonuses. It is typically plausible to end up being able to tie up the incomes regarding the tenure relating to employment.


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