Zara Company Analysis


The product under analysis is a Zara tulip Dress; it is red, pleated and has a jewelled collar. The garment is available in size XS and costs approximately £40. The company sells it in most retail outlets around the world. Clients can also get it from the internet through the firm’s website or e-bay.

An analysis of the manufacturing process of the particular commodity illuminates the particular intricacies of development and creativity inside the fashion business.


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Main results and findings

Retailer Background analysis

Zara is really a general public organization headquartered inside The country of spain. Its originator –Amancio Ortego –has presided over usually the rapid growth regarding a small enterprise in to a multinational conglomerate called Inditex. Typically the latter organization is usually among the leading three fashion firms worldwide.

It made its debut in 1975, in addition to by 1985 got made $ zero. 086 billion inside sales. This elevated to $0. 7 billion and $8. 2 billion inside 1995 and june 2006 billion respectively.

Currently, the business has over 59 thousand employees in addition to over 4000 retailers around the planet (Ferdows et. ‘s. 2010). To get a image explanation in the financial records in the business, refer to typically the appendix.

Brand/retailer positioning

Zara is usually a clothing store that created in addition to perfected the quickly fashion model. As opposed to other clothing suppliers who persuade consumers to such as in conjunction with purchase their models, Zara does that in reverse. It loves to research buyer demand therefore as to utilize this a brand new basis for his or her styles.

The company’s approach provides already been so prosperous that will other companies are usually imitating pieces associated with their model. Each time a product becomes accessible in Zara’s retail store outlets, just keeps there stay. This specific creates scarcity inside the minds regarding consumers who need to purchase the object or miss that altogether.


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The firm in addition has placed itself together of which does not market. It relies about impressive in-store exhibits, low prices in addition to central locations stylish districts. Rarely performs this organisation hire popular designers or use complicated technologies with regard to production.

As such, competitors should find it difficult to keep upward with their costs. The corporation offers affordable and stylish garments. Collections are usually not elaborate since the company focuses upon selling all products within two several weeks (Crofton & Dopico 2007).

Consumer focus

This company prioritises consumer requirements over and over some other factor of production. Zara has chosen to integrate typically the production processes top to bottom in order to be able to accommodate customer requires. The space, size, coloring, fabric and procedures of construction stand for 2013 spring developments.

The company’s employees have teaching on how to be able to get information from buyers about how they feel about a certain product. For instance, some buyers will state that they do not like straight collars or they prefer zippers on heavy garments.

Employees will take note this info; convey that to maintain managers who else then transfer most of the information with their particular hq in The country everyday (Pearson 2009).

Customers’ side effects figure out just how the business holds out there its enterprise. Typically the organisation realized of which fashion consumers need a organization of which responds with their particular needs in generally the fastest approach achievable. Price had been fewer important to their particular particular buyers as opposed to the way overall flexibility.

Description in typically the product

Seamstresses made the garment approaching from polyester cloth, plus its reddish in colour. The gown has a rounded collar that includes almost all of the chest location. Additionally, it has stitched jewellery that mixes perfectly with the particular colour from the clothing. At the waist, the dress offers modest pleats that will give it the particular shape of the tulip.


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The garment spreads aside into an A-shape at the end part plus its material will be linen. Because it is obtainable within a little dimension, then women along with little frames are generally well-suited towards the specific piece. Furthermore, just about all those with soft pores and epidermis would like typically the particular outfit.

The item regarded as a number of in . over a knees hence giving this a new youthful plus flirtatious feel. It is actually anything that may end up being worn to several cocktail party, wedding party, outdoor event as well as any other time time festivity. However, due to typically the fact in the boldness from the coloring, a single need to only pick typically the item when a single wants to manage to stand above typically the group.

Mood panel influences fabric

Following the need to keep things formal and processed, the designers choose fabric that eliminated with this type of style and design. The particular collection contains the lot associated along with woollen items due to the fact many of every one of them complement grey. Right now there was a appropriate dosage of polyester material within the selection as nicely because linen plus natural cotton.

A couple of dashes associated along with silk and leather-based were prevalent; along with regard to motivation you can use furnishings and hair respectively. Nevertheless , because the particular latter are salient fabrics, then it was essential to make the products in grayscale other neutral products. The red tulip dress was mainly linen, which is similar to the tennis tennis balls shown below.


Mood desk colour

In this specific design, the concerned team members received inspiration from character. A gray cloud might be the perfect example. This might be accentuated via the presence associated with metallic machines because seen through the particular craft in the particular Mood board below.

The woods would also capture the colour essence of the collection if sparsely filled by vegetation. Dark and red gowns in the selection stem from red tulips and the night sky respectively.



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The design and style process – coming from concept to consumer


Designers in the red, tulip outfit sought information from your myriad of options. First, they analysed their current customers’ tastes through in-store purchases. Sales details of things sold by just colour and dimension gave the innovative designers info upon consumer tastes.

Store administrators equipped these creative developers with all the particular information. Typically the particular other options with regard to ideas for the particular design were publications, superstar trends, strip shows popular capitals as well because trends in interpersonal and recreational centers like restaurants (Crofton & Dopico 2007).

Colour Palettes

The over combination represents the particular inspiration for the particular entire collection. The particular palette contains over loaded neutrals. Since the particular combination consists associated with three versions associated with grey, it is far from amazing that a number of the dresses inside the collection belonged to be able to its kind.

The first was bow red while typically the last is ultramarine green. White in addition to blue (sodalite) likewise form portion of this specific colour scheme.

The team came inspiration from red flags as most regarding them contain these kinds of kinds of sorts of shades. Since it could end up being seen, typically typically the colours above could be subtle. Global creative designers have got moved from vivid colours and as a result are using even more neutrals this yr.

Yarn in addition to cloth fairs

Workers twine fabrics regarding this specific business from 1 inside of Spanish factories. Garden fairs are, as a result, crucial to typically the organisation because they will aid in the growth and enhancement regarding existing colour in addition to fabric palettes.

The organisation’s reps often attend festivals in production capitals of the planet to be able to gain information on new creation techniques, as properly.

The red dress has not been genuine linen because it includes small percentages regarding synthetic yarn. That would not have got been possible regarding the organisation to be able to develop this crossbreed without input coming from skillfully developed.

Presentation of models – mood boards


This season-Spring 2013- quick dresses are within just and most programmers are experimenting in addition to short lengths. The actual trend explains exactly why most of typically the particular garments inside their own series were over typically the knees. Additionally, greyish will be the particular first colour because typically the public will probably be relocating away from the daring colors of spring 2012.

Most regarding the particular clothing in Zara’s series reflected this certain pattern. Stripes usually are usually also within; numerous designers possess discovered new methods of testing along with the designs. The particular striped eco-friendly plus white gown within the company’s selection epitomised this specific style. Leather will be not going away therefore proving which Zara is well from tune with consumers’ tastes.

Garment design

The type of the dress took place by means of creative clubs from Inditex. As compared with to other trend suppliers who emphasis about sets regarding designers, Zara includes several specialists beneath one staff. For instance, designers may job alongside merchandise growth experts along together with raw material professionals (Pearson 2009).

All of such folks are keenly aware of the second constraints, so they will will avoid generating also many merchandise changes. While generating typically the reddish, tulip outfit, typically the creative staff likewise worked about a new number associated together with other samples of which will belonged to be able to the gathering.

They utilized information coming from the particular before mentioned research assets (in-store information, journals etc) to generate the gown. The party consisted of young designers who obtaining penalised for generating bad decisions. On the other hand, these folks tried since a lot since possible to help to make the products swiftly.


Several style retailers inside the particular trend retailers frequently pick certain materials and look with consider to those fabric prior to generating their items. However, this design is not really applicable in buy to Zara. Typically the company realises of which that has a new whole lot to reduce if that holds back for your extended process of fabric creation (Ferdows ou. ‘s. 2010).

Therefore, it helps make that garments applying accessible fabrics. At any time generating the reddish dress, Zara chosen fabrics which were currently there. The sample process proceeded upon the basis associated with available fabric choices so as in order to save time.


Machines do most construction associated with the garment. Presently there were a quantity of similar red-colored, tulip dresses within the firm’s property. The company cut and assembled all of them using automated procedures.

Machinists had been responsible only with regard to one aspect from the dress; for example, a number of them made dog collars while some focused upon hems, shoulders plus pleats. Essentially, the particular construction of the dress followed the following process.

After the design, workers assembled sample fabrics. They made trims, which came after pattern making. Cutters then worked on the garment and machinists dealt with the assembly associated with the dress.

Large scale building of the outfit meant that the majority of of the procedures had to become done with the make use of machines (Crofton and Dopico 2007).

Manufacture supply string and critical path

As mentioned previously, Zara’s supply string is vertically incorporated thus implying that will employees made the particular red Tulip gown within its services. The diagram demonstrates the critical route for the production process.


Sometimes the organization chooses to delegate non value including activities like stitching. The organization handled almost all the above procedures aside from stitching. The firm’s producers have been in Spain, Spain and Turkey.

However, the main production site will be Spain. For that red-colored dress, the information most likely came from Italia, Germany, Turkey, Indian or even China. Employees within the firm’s part then dyed, imprinted and marked the information after obtaining the particular recycleables.

These activities precede the particular cutting process within which a seamstress follows designers’ designs concerning the outfit. In some circumstances, Zara may contract the sewing process in order to cooperatives in Spain. Issue happened in order to the garment, after that the product is at the hands associated with third parties with regard to a short time.

Thereafter, the outfit came back once again to Zara’s intermediaries where it transferred out quality home inspections, packaging and furthermore completing. The last element is submission plus logistics manage (Crofton & Dopico 2007).

Range creating – exactly what will be the function inside the range

The red tulip gown is a part of the collection of clothing for the spring 2013. The particular collection features a collection of other gowns in different colors and styles. Most associated with the items within the collection are not really really as brightly-coloured because the red-colored gown. This 12 months, these individuals range through white-colored and eco-friendly, gray, and dark.

In truth, the particular outfit is the specific just one that will certainly pops out inside the gathering. The majority of gowns within the particular collection are generally subtle. Furthermore, the particular particular accessories in the particular collar may also be distinctive because the majority of products in the particular selection make make use of associated with standard accessories such because buttons.

In this regard, this particular particular item has been your classiest item within the choice. The designers planned to respond in purchase to an exclusive require amongst its customers with regard in order to a dominant design item.

Sample collection

When resulting within the test selection, neutral colors, such as grey plus black, inspired the particular company’s designers. Because seen above, the particular red garment was your exception rather compared to the rule.

Machinists made 1 garment right from the start in order to the end. At first, the team declined a few of the samples plus had to improve them. For instance, the third last dress had grey sleeves. It was after taking certain suggestions that the product was altered to its present status.


The time it takes for Zara to procure material for fabric and deliver a product to be able to a retail wall plug is roughly several weeks. Competitors’ business lead times pale inside comparison to Zara’s because most of them take half a year to finish a new garment.

After completing the outfit, the business shipped that to its individual stores in typically the UK within one day. Since the last mentioned with the European country although not in The country, the company needed to be able to employ air transfer to be able to meet most of the 24-hour window.

Zara entered into relationships with Air Portugal and Emirates Flight companies because it beliefs flexibility and rate during delivery. The business shipped the outfit for the Middle Far east and certain elements of Europe by means of this arrangement.

The same program shipped back uncooked materials from Parts of asia. Zara is willing to do whatever it takes to reduce delivery times (Cecilie 2008).

Visual Merchandising in-store

Most Zara stores are famous for their uniformity and uniqueness. They will are white, roomy and modern. Showcases cover them, in addition to they are pretty attractive. Since typically the Tulip dress is usually one of typically the latest fashions, revenue assistants hanged that on store wine racks. The organisation picked prime locations inside stores for typically the dress.

They also put that directly within lighting to with regards to light up that and appeal to be able to it to typically the clients. This outfit can be uncovered in similar locations around fashion capitals world wide. Therefore, global guests could find out about the dress about the web nevertheless find this displayed in Milan or perhaps Paris.

Even in-store styles indicate these designs. A new team associated together with designers normally choose on window exhibits as well since store layouts. As a result, the red, tulip dress was a new central part of typically the collection, so position in the midsection of the retail store was appropriate.

The designers tried out out this show from their hq in Spain in addition to then photographed that. They then directed the photos for all fashion capitals together with Zara’s retail shops.

Monitor plus reaction to sales

One of the very most dramatic methods in which Zara has curved a niche for itself like a top fashion merchant is its quick response to revenue numbers. About 40% through the products are available the organization stand for costly new models. Other products expose trends in reductions, fabrics and shades.

The red-colored Tulip dress takes place to fall within just the latter class. A good research of product revenue figures in the certain company’s stores aimed to the type.

As indicated out earlier, Zara maintains its charges straight down by simply avoiding massive purchases of technology. To get sales information coming from retailers, the business uses personal electronic digital assistants for the retail store managers. Store administrators must count on revenue rankings to reorder existing garments (Ferdows et. al. 2010).

Prior to be able to the development regarding the red Tulip garment, sales administrators on the headquarters watched the performance regarding similar gowns, shades and dimensions about their fundamental personal computer systems.

They immediately communicated the details to developers inside the same creating to be able to facilitate brand brand new designs, including the particular particular red gown.

After the particular location associated along with the outfit inside retail outlets, the specific organisation also used similar methods to be able to convey information concerning its performance in order to be able in order to utilize it with respect to new styles.

Since clothing just stay within Zara’s retail stores with regard in order to a restricted time, right after that sales numbers upon the overall performance from the gown do not actually help the continued display from the identical item. Developers use all of them to make comparable items instead.

Factors affecting the style of the dress

The most significant element affecting the style of the gown may be the have to be able to keep inventories brand new. This explains the key reason why employees designed the product within a pretty limited time. Zara views geographical choice, because well. Individuals within Brazil choose bigger colours in order to the people inside a place such because Paris.

However, when trends continue global, they carry out so simultaneously inside just about almost all parts associated with the world. Price cutting is furthermore another factor that will affects the style of the outfit as few modifications imply low expenses. Consumer needs really are a critical parameter within dress design, and thus is availability associated with fabrics.

The organisation considers the particular length of period that the trend offers been in time of year in purchase in order in order to understand the coloring, designs and cloth that will is many more suitable (Pearson 2009).

Media insurance policy plus impact

No ads take spot in Zara. That will not furthermore employ public organizations tactics or celebrity endorsements to improve goods. When starting fresh products, the particular business will location simple announcements upon regional newspapers. The organisation’s founder and leader are typical extremely exclusive individuals.

Therefore, media stories think on the organisation’s successful production, supply, merchandising or logistical strategies. The mass media covers Zara’s reports when the business delivers impressive effects. As such, consumers have found perceive that as a reputable store that delivers about its promises.

Conversely, many trend magazines plus newspaper publishers possess fashion experts plus commentators. Many associated with them have rebuked Zara for imitating leading designers. These types of remarks have harm the company’s brand name to a little extent (Cecilie 2008).


Plenty of lessons may be learnt through the production procedure for the red tulip dress. First, style organisations must possess a definite vision associated with their brand. These people should stick to this strategy even during international expansion as it is a source of differentiation.

Zara’s production process is highly efficient because it has streamlined communication processes between different members of the supply chain. Sales personnel, store managers, designers, suppliers and specialists all exchange information seamlessly.

Furthermore, the company prioritises consumer needs over any other issues in typically the business. Its management were not afraid to test anything various in creation. Instead of outsourcing generate, they brought this specific nearer to customers.

Additionally, rather regarding stocking numerous developments, the organization merely sold small options so as inside order to generate scarcity. Style firms must become ready to go against typically the tide in buy to be market leaders.

This organisation used typically the just-in-time model related with the automobile industry plus top to bottom integrated manufacturing to be able to produce its rivalling advantage. Such sturdy decisions are specifically what associated together with firm a very good example for several other fashion suppliers so as to follow.


Cecilie, Ur 2008, ‘Pace-Setting Zara Attempts more rate to fight their growing cheap-chic rivals’, The Wall Streets Record, 12 Sept. 2010, l. 15.

Crofton, S along with Dopico, L three years in the past, ‘Zara-Inditex in addition to the development of fast fashion’, Economic and Organization History, vol. makes no. 3, pp. 41-54.

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Turnover (in millions of euros)
Sales 13, 793 thirteen, 527 11, 048 10, 407 disloyal, 435
Results and cash flow (in 1000s of euros)
Operating revenue (EBITDA) 3, 258 a couple of, 966 a couple of, 374 2, 187 2, 149
Operating revenue (EBIT) 2, 522 2, 290 just one, 729 1, 609 1, 652
Net revenue 1, 946 just one, 741 1, 322 1, 262 just one, 258
Net income due to the parent business 1, 932 just one, 732 1, 314 1, 253 just one, 250
Cash flow a couple of, 613 2, 540 2, 060 just one, 864 1, 747
Financial structure (in an incredible number of euros)
Net Assets related to the parent organization 7, 415 six, 386 5, 329 4, 722 four, 193
Net financial placement 3, 465 a few, 427 2, 380 1, 219 a single, 052
Other relevant information
Number of stores several, 527 5, 044 4, 607 several, 264 3, 691
Net openings 483 437 343 573 560
Number of markets alongside with commercial occurrence 82 77 seventy four 73 68
Number regarding workers 109, 512 one hundred, 138 92, 301 fifth there’s 89, 112 79, 517
Financial and administration ratios
ROE 28% 30% 26% 28% 33%
ROCE 37% 39% 34% 36% 43%

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